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Monday, June 11, 2007

Suped-up Biomek


It's time to get Biomek to do interesting and complex things.


1. Get Biomek to handle Filled chemical plates from the hotel

2. Have Biomek dilute a powdered chemical library using a variable filling function from an input csv (excel sheet)

3. Use liquid level sensing to "discover" the liquid level and therefore the top of the liquid to accomplish variable aspiration from plates that have been cherry picked or have variable volume.

4. Combinatorial mixing. Taking two compound plates and mixing them in a combinatorial fashion to yield a plate that is a mix (synthesis) of two or more compounds.

5. Use barcode reader to inform the method what the incoming labware is and how to handle it. Use this function to have each library plate dealt with accordingly.

6. Remote Viewing. I would like to set up the Biomek computer on the network to be accessable via Windows remote desktop. With this capability the progress of an automation run can be periodically checked from a user's remote computer. In short you don't have to run to the Biomek room to see if the robot has screwed up or has stalled.

Solutions in progress:

1. Slow down the belt speed to prevent splashing, also define a new labware type and restrict handling to a low speed (5% or lower)

2. Use the Quant/Normalization wizard.

3. Perhaps some mix of the qant/normalization wizard with LLS output.

4. May be as simple as a generated csv input

5. Dunno, will work on it with Phil

6. Get CPU on network and install windows remote desktop.

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